#FMF – Stuck

Joining up with my dear friends at Five Minute Friday where a one word prompt has us all searching our minds, hearts and fingertips for what moght be spilled out in the alloted five minutes.

FMF – Stuck

She had been
A mighty ship
Full of goods
From one land
Watery chaos
To deliver resources
To another place

She had been
Of mighty warriors
Intent on
Theirs homes
Or making
New homes abroad

She had stood
strong and bold
The envy of
Eyes that saw
Her beauty
Grace and ability

But now

Her remnants
Are encased
In immovable sand
The weight
Buries her
Mighty spine
Her ribs
Barely stay taught

There is
But a whisper
Of her former
Proud life
Prestigious pursuits
She is a remnant
Of what she once

She is

Image – Unsplash – Trevor Cole edited in Canva

#FMF – Turn

FMF – Turn
They litter the lawn
Bright yellow heads
Point their faces

So many gather
A sea of gold
Greets my eye

And while
We often seek
To banish them
From lawn and garden

There are those
Who use them
In salads, tintures
Even as a herbal tea

And as the days pass
The heads begin
Their decay to seed pods
And they resemble clouds

With the slightest breeze
They turn to airborn parachutes
Lifting each seed from
Its tethered hold

The golden sheen
Has turned airborn
New life lifts
On cloudy whisps

– – – –

Joining up with Kate and friends as we write for FIVE minutes on ONE prompt and see what happens on the page.

Image: Unsplash – Dawid Zawila edited in Canva

#FMF – Other

Joining with my dear friends at Five Minute Friday as we write for 5 minutes on one common prompt and then see how others have had it speak to them.

Prompt: Other

The fence separates
I’ve never ventured
To the other side

I can see what lays
On its other side
But i can not know it

I try to make use
Of my other senses
To try to steal its essence
But though the fence has gaps
It is willing
To relinquish nothing

The posts are buried deep
The wires stretch taught
I dare not test my finger
A prick of blood
To know it exists

I wonder what
I am being kept from
What is this


Image: Unsplash- Marivi Pazos edited in Canva

#FMF- Release

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is RELEASE. Come join us at http://www.fiveminutefriday.com to link up – – – –
The sky is filled
With floating lanterns
As far as the eye can see
We all look heavenward
As the lights
Fill the darkness
With their brillance
Casting shadows
On this inky night

These lanterns
Held in hands
That carefully selected
Each one
Had memories whispered
Hopes, wishes, dreams
And they filled the lanterns
To overflowing

And as the ignition
Was lit
And the fire
Began to fill
The space
The parchment
With what it contained
Dancing in the light

Hands reach heaven ward
Fingers release the lights
And in this heavy night
They begin to rise

The words spoken
Fly onward
Into the sky
In the twilight
Of floating cylinders

And there is

Image: Unsplash – Austin Neill modified with Canva