#FMF – Include

Joining up with these cool people over at my fave place to link up. One word, five minutes, write and then visit others who have written too 🙂


His fingers
Had performed
Majestic symphonies
With his head flung back
And eyes closed
As the music
Coarsed thru him

With his eyes closed
In surrender
He failed to notice
That his glance
Was not as crisp
As it once was
The lines began
To waft and wane
The notes dancing
Off the page
Creating chaos
Rather than
What he knew
As rhapsody

With tears
Coarsing down his face
He reached out
Touching the page
Willing his fingers
To imprint
The melody
Traced with great care
Each digit
Resting upon
The according note

Moving his hand
From the page
Back to the keys
He willed his mind
To include
What his fingertips read
And translate it
Into the symphony
He once knew

Image: Unsplash – Isaac Ibbott

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