#FMF – Way

Joining up with the great crew over at Five Minute Friday (I haven’t been doing too great lately at actually posting on Friday, but there is grace.)

Gather and write for five minutes on a single prompt and see what inspires you. The best part is reading the other linked up offerings.

“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” John Green

It seems that

I have been here before

That corner looks familiar

But to be honest

They are all starting

To look the same

I have travelled

These corridors

For most of my life

The walls just high enough

To keep me guessing

And each year

They seem to morph

To match my height

I don’t know what

I would do

If I knew

How to get out

Or maybe I do

But I am

So used to

These boundaries

I have left

Little caches

Of my grievances

Throughout this place

I figure they are safe here

No one else

Wanders these grounds

But I am

Running out of room

And I can’t bare

To try to

Work through them


They might

Bury me alive


I choose

The smallest pile

To begin to look thru

My heart is hard

But I know

That its not healthy

To stay here

And so

I begin to

Look at each grudge

And wonder

If forgiveness

Will free my heart

Piece by piece

And show me

The way forward

Image: Unsplash -Randall Honold

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