#FMF – Thirteen

Joining up with my fine friends over at Five Minute Friday. We write on a one word prompt for 5 minutes and see where it takes us.

#FMF – Thirteen

He wasn’t sure how he had come to this point.
Here he sat, with a silk cravat around his collar, dressed in a full tuxedo and gaining entry to a group he hadn’t known existed until a few hours ago.
He was taking it all in. That was his job after all. Chameleon like in his ability to adapt to each new situation he encountered, this was no different.

They were a seated in highback chairs, velvet thrones with all the ornamentation. Just close enough for someone else’s presence, but not so much that you were forced to interact.

His eyes scanned the room. He was usually so adept at seeking out his competitors. This group was good. Their masks were solid, not even a muscle flinch to give anything away.

His hands were beginning to fidget with the paper in his hand. His ticket to this room, this gathering. To the future that stem from the choices he makes tonight.

The room quiets from its buzz and all eyes fix their gaze on the man who emerges from behind the curtain. He carries a wand…not for magic but to smack down between his tongue twisting treaties.

The curtain moves again and a young woman in decadent dress emerges. In her gloved hands she holds a cherrywood box burnished to a glowing ember. She places the box before them and lifts the lid.
A gasp goes through the crowd. His eyes widen.
And so it begins.
He raises his paddle and an acknowledgement is made
“Who will start us off?…oh there, thirteen, I see your bid at $1,000 to start us off”

Image: Unsplash – Wang Xi edited with Canva

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