#FMF – Loved

Joining with my fellow writing pilgrims over at Five Minute Friday as we dive into a one word prompt for five minutes and see what is revealed.

Prompt: Loved

So often I end messages with the phrase “You are loved”. I think that it is sometimes a reminder for me, but most of all in the midst of life I want to remind people that they ARE loved. By me many times, but more importantly, by Him.

Over the years I have had four words given to me by God. In the beginning I thought that they were words He wanted me to share with others. And I have tried to live my life by them. But recently my eyes have been opened to the fact that they are reminders to my heart as well.

My four words:

Seen. Heard. Known. Loved.

They are not easy words. In fact, for me at least, they are quite difficult. There is surrender here and in someone who grasps at the smallest bit of control I can find…it is hard to do.

But these words resonate deeply with my heart. Not only that He knows me these ways and more, but that I can in some small way extend these gifts into the lives of others.

The above sign was made in Haiti by a metal-smith who crafts art out of oildrums and other cast off metals. I knew that it would be a solid reminder for me of a truth I so often struggle to grasp

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