#FMF – Rush

Joining with my dear friends at the Five Minute Friday community.

We write on a one word prompt for five minutes. Link up our posts and then read other’s takes on the same word. Its one of my favourite creative exercises.

He apologized for walking slower these days. He said “You could have gone so much faster without me.”

My response reasoned that in this particular instance there was no need for us to go faster. In fact, it would do us good to slow down and take in things every once in awhile.

I don’t know if I would have described our lives in previous years as rushed. I am sure that when I was growing up there were things we put on our parents plates that had themm rushing around. And I know that as I grew older and developed routines of my own, there were times when I found myself living rushed.

But these days life is lived at a slower pace out of necessity. And while it is a challenge, it is an opportunity for us to learn to see with different eyes and to realize life can be enjoyed even at a slower pace.

12 thoughts on “#FMF – Rush

  1. This is a masterful piece of writing, and I can relate…my life has slowed down by virtue of illness – it hurts too much to rush – but I’m enjoying life MORE, while dying, than I ever did when I was healthy.

    Weird, that.

  2. When I look back to my rushed years I realize how many small moments and opportunities I missed. Taking it more slowly affords us the chance to truly live life not just make it through! Lovely, Janel!

  3. There is something beautiful about life lived at a slower pace. I aspire to more of that. Thank you for the important reminder.

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