#FMF – Share

We were gathered in a circle. Unsure of what to do or say next.
Her body shook with silent sobs…we reached out our hands to her shoulder but sat in silence. We were lost. We hadn’t encountered this before.

Perhaps even a hand on the shoulder was presumptious since we hardly knew one another.
She lifted her shaking hands and softly spoke. Words of anguish poured out. She spoke bluntly and without censor. She laid ger heart bare.

We knew the words were not for us. They stretched beyond and amongst us, to the One both above and in our midst.

She shared the depths of her heart. The truth of her feelings. She knew it would not be too much for him. This rough and raw offering.

We with our tidy words and formulaic prayers have much to learn. He seeks our hearts, He seeks US. Are we brave enough, do we trust enough to share ourselves. Even after we realize we are already known deeper than we could ever imagine.

Image: Unsplash – Nathan Dumlao