People who inspire me

Alia HagenbachNarrow Paths to Hidden Places

Amber Cadenas – Beautiful Rubbish

Colleen Mitchell – Blessed are the Feet

Lore Ferguson – Sayable

Holly Grantham-  A Lifetime of Days

Elizabeth Marshall – Poetry and Prose through a Lense of Grace 

Joy Kentie McEwen – The Country Manse 

John D. Blase – The Beautiful Due   

Kris Camealy – Always Alleluia  

Jennifer Dukes Lee – Dispatches from a Good News Girl 

Shelly Miller –  Redemption’s Beauty

Michelle deRusha – Michelle deRusha: Real Stories. Real Life. Real Faith

Amber Haines – The Run a Muk

Ann Voskamp – A Holy Experience

Jessica Bolyard- Adjusting to the World

Amy Hunt – A Rock for Him

Ashley Larkin – Draw Near

Loretta Stembridge – Dancing on the Dash

Emily Freeman – Chatting at the Sky: A place for your soul to breathe

Fiona Lynne – Far, far away: a journal about faith, growth and being brave

Deidra Riggs – Jumping Tandem

Sarah Bessey – Sarah Bessey

Serena Woods – Grace is for Sinners

Wendy van Eyck – I Love Devotionals

Saskia Wishart – Just Saskia 

Lori Harris – And This is Grace

Ronne Rock – Ronne Rock




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