#FMF – Good

joining up with Kate and the other wonderful writers who link up after FMFparty (on Thursday night) and with FMF on Friday. Take five minutes, write unedited about the word that is given as a prompt…and see what flows from your fingers!


I’ve always struggled with the idea of God being ‘good’. Because I think that the Good that HE IS and the Good that I imagine him to be are quite different from one another.

I know that He wants to make more more like Christ…and wants to refine me and stretch me as I walk…and yet sometimes i think that he’s the puppet master putting things in my way and waiting to see how I react and then sending things in my life accordingly.

I mean sometimes I’m experiencing something in life and I’m thinking ‘that was NOT funny God’ and yet what does that say about how I see him. Because really how GOOD is God when i think of him as someone who is just out to do these things to me and put people in my life that i just can’t get over.

and perhaps it IS good sometimes. cause it shows me the healing that still needs to take place. sometimes it shows me how I’ve gone back to relying on myself.

But other times I’m sure that the idea of Him being good doesn’t even cross my mind, doesn’t make a mark on my everyday and then what do I do with that?

If God is good then can I truly understand what that looks like? If God is good then how does that change my perspective on my own life? If GOd is good then how do i step forward in this world that is so bruised and broken. If God is good…then maybe I need to get a dictionary and starting learning the real meaning of good. cause i’m sure that my understanding doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.


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